Promotion Thermage, tighten up instantly, stay for 1-2 years, dissolve fat permanently.

Promotion Thermage ยกกระชับทันที อยู่ได้ 1-2 ปี สลายไขมันถาวร

Thermage 1,200 shot Tighten the whole face and add a glow.

Promotion Thermage Tighten immediately, stay for 1-2 years, permanently dissolve fat, only at LINNA Clinic.

The Radiofrequency Wave Energy Technology from Thermage® is suitable for individuals experiencing sagging facial skin, deep smile lines, facial and body tightening, wrinkle reduction, lifting of the eyelids, diminishing crow’s feet, and dissolving fat through heat application. This can be applied to the abdomen or arms as well.

Price 74,999 Bath


Tighten and lift the entire face, without limitations Shot!

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