Wedding Packages

Are you getting married? 👰🏻
Are you worried about your skin and face that are not in shape?

✨ Do it in advance, only 1 month before getting dressed. You can be beautiful and perfect in every angle.

✔️ Face lifting
✔️ Adjust the face shape, beautiful from every angle
✔️ Reduce excess fat on the face and body
✔️ White skin, aura

Wedding Packages

Slimming and Confident

Slimming and Confident Packages

Prepare yourself before the Special day! Dissolve excess fat and tighten your body proportions with the urgent bridal course. For brides who are looking for ways to shape up and tighten their overall body proportions before the big day, the cutting-edge beauty technology at Lina Clinic can help you achieve a beautiful and confident figure. Especially in wedding dresses that emphasize elegance, our technology can enhance your beauty, tighten your proportions, and boost your self-confidence.

HIFU for Beautiful Arms

Preparing the facial features to match the bridal standard is crucial, particularly achieving beautifully sculpted arms. As arms are a prominent part often noticed in wedding attire, having slender and attractive arms is highly desirable. Therefore, HIFU for arms is another intriguing option for brides who aim to have well-shaped, firm, and confident arms, ready to showcase in their beautiful wedding dresses on the big day.

V-Line Body

Achieving a beautifully toned physique, especially with a V-line silhouette, is a dream for many women, particularly brides aspiring to have an elegant figure in their wedding attire. V-Line body technology is an intriguing beauty solution for brides seeking a quick and safe way to attain a beautifully sculpted V-line shape. The advantages include safety, non-invasiveness, clear and visible results, no downtime, and minimal time required for the procedure.

Cool Swiss Prime

CoolSwiss Prime is an intriguing beauty technology for brides who desire a confident and beautifully toned figure. It utilizes the power of cooling to melt away fat, targeting fat cells without harming surrounding cells. The eliminated fat cells are naturally expelled from the body. The advantages include safety, non-invasiveness, clear and visible results, no downtime, and suitability for individuals with sensitive skin.

Slimming and Confident Reviews

Sculpted Face, Radiant Glow

Sculpted Face, Radiant Glow Packages

Preparing to be a bride is not an easy task. Aside from arranging the wedding details, one also needs to enhance their facial features to look even more beautiful. Especially for the face, which is often considered the crown of a woman. Therefore, the bridal package for sculpting a slender face and enhancing radiance is another interesting option for brides who want to have a beautifully shaped, clear, and radiant face. This package is offered by the medical team at LINNA Clinic.


This one is our top hit! Being a bride for once in a lifetime, you have to look perfect with the HIFU facial tightening. Any one who is afraid of getting hurt, this is the treatment for you! The doctor will focus on the problem areas of each person which are not the same. This promotion also includes under chin.


Botox is another answer for those who want to reduce jawline, reduce wrinkles quickly and see results clearly. The doctor will design a natural looking result. It is recommended to inject one month in advance because it will be perfect just in time for the wedding ceremony!


Mesotherapy helps reduces excessive fat at the desired area, both the face and the body. In addition to helping to reduce fat, it also lifted and tightened your skin.


Having a beautiful face skin is essential, this skin vitamin will make your skin stronger, smoother, with radiant aura as well. It is recommended to do it continuously once a week. Start doing it one month before the wedding. This price can be done 4 times.

Sculpted Face, Radiant Glow Reviews

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