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It is normal for aging to affect the skin of the body and face. It makes you feel that your skin has become less elastic and firm causing shallow and deep wrinkles or even dark circles around the eye, wrinkles from the movement of muscles on facial expressions are becoming more and more noticeable. It starts around the age of 20 and becomes more apparent as time goes on. This makes you feel less confident especially when you look beyond your real age.

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How does Botox work?​

Botox is pure protein injected to correct facial imperfections. It prevents wrinkles from appearing by blocking impulses from the nerve to the tiny facial muscles that are related to expression lines.


  • Helps to reduce wrinkles, adjust the shape of the face and eyebrows. No side effects and does not leave any residue inside the body.
  • Helps the muscles to relax. Can help people with office syndrome. Can be injected at many parts of the body.

Preparation before injection

  • Please report any allergic reactions to medicines or congenital disease.
  • We recommend you stop taking vitamins, especially vitamin E, fish oil, ginkgo leaves, and hot herbs such as ginseng, 3-4 days before the treatment.
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin 1 week before the injection.

Recommendation after Botox injection

  • Do not lie down for 3 hours after the procedure, as the drug may spread outside the injection site.
  • Do not massage the injection area because it allows the drug to spread to the muscles around the eyes.
  • Move the injected muscle every 15 minutes in the first hour after injection to make the drug work better.
  • You should refrain from drinking alcohol for the first 2 weeks,
  • which may affect the effectiveness of Botox.
  • During the first month, refrain from vigorous facial massage or hot treatments such as RF or sauna.
  • For those who inject a slender face at jawline, chewing gum is now recommended in normal daily life.
  • Make an appointment to come back to see the doctor in 1 week for wrinkle injection or if injecting jawline see the doctor in 2 weeks after injection.
  • If in doubt or have any abnormal symptoms, should go back to see a doctor immediately.
  • Refrain from doing laser 2 weeks after Botox injections.

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