Co2 Laser: Remove moles, fleas, freckles, polyps to make your skin beautiful without any scars

Moles, fleas, freckles and polyps that spreads all parts of your face and body whether it is on the face, neck, torso, palms and soles, it is another skin problem that all men and women have to encounter. All these bumps make the skin unevenly smooth. In addition, there is a personal belief that the presence of a mole, fleck, freckle or polyp at some point can also affect physiognomy and destiny. The good news is that these unwanted blemishes can be eliminated with the Co2 Laser, a revolutionary laser technology that removes moles, fleas, freckles, polyps quickly and safely. What is Co2 Laser? Is it dangerous or does it leave scars? This article from Linna Clinic has all the answers about Co2 Laser.

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What is Co2 Laser?

Co2 Laser or Carbon Dioxide Laser is a technology of blemish removal on the skin by firing a carbon dioxide laser into the targeted skin area. The high-energy carbon dioxide laser with a wavelength of 10,600 nm and is well absorbed by water. When perform the laser treatment onto the skin layer, more than 90% of the energy value will be absorbed into the tissue by the water beneath the skin layer and causes the heat to rise so quickly that it can cut and destroy the tissue in the unwanted area to be removed. Nowadays, Co2 Laser is commonly used to treat various types of skin defects and covers the whole body such as moles, moles on the face, freckles, polyps on the neck, fleas, warts and tumors. In addition, Co2 Laser technology is also used to treat clogged acne. rice acne and acne scars as well

Advantages of doing Co2 Laser

  • Use to cut and destroy tissue very easy and quickly. Can be used to get rid of moles, fleas, freckles, polyps, warts to disappear permanently.
  • It is a treatment using high-energy laser waves. It doesn’t take long to heal (approximately 20-30 minutes), during the treatment, there is no pain, the wound is small, does not cause burns and scars.
  • Co2 Laser can be used to treat acne, clogged acne, stone acne, rice acne, acne scars.
  • It is a skin care procedure that does not require surgery. The doctor will apply an anesthetic before starting the treatment.

Is Co2 Laser dangerous?

Because the Co2 Laser machine uses infrared light waves with high energy and heat temperature to remove moles, fleas, freckles, skin polyps to peel off, this may cause many people to worry that after doing Co2 Laser, it will cause scars, burns or black marks on the skin. We can assure you that you don’t have to worry at all because after the Co2 Laser treatment, there will be very little scars, or almost no scars at all depending on the depth and size of the moles. Because the Co2 Laser machine is a machine with a high energy value, therefore, it can precisely cut and destroy tissues in a short period of time. Does not cause black marks or burns on the skin. In addition, the doctor can also adjust the frequency to fit melasma, freckles, polyps, warts, etc. in each point, thus not hurting the surrounding skin.

Where can Co2 Laser be done?

Co2 Laser machine is a technology of cutting and destroying tissue by using high energy carbon dioxide laser. Doctors can freely adjust the size of the laser light used, so it can be used to solve skin problems covering a variety of areas, including the face, neck, armpits, arms, elbows, knees, and body areas. palms and soles

How many time does Co2 Laser need to be done?

Co2 Laser to remove moles on the face, under the eyes, around the mouth, freckles, polyps, warts, etc. In most cases, the results will be effective from the first treatment because all the excess tissue will be completely destroyed (except for those large moles, freckles, polyps or warts). special, causing the need to enter the laser to get rid of the roots again)

How much does Co2 Laser cost?

In general, the Co2 Laser tickles moles, flecks, freckles, polyps or warts will charge the price point, which has a starting price of about 5xx-8xx baht / point and has a wholesale price for making multiple points. The price level of Co2 Laser treatment of each place may vary according to the promotion of each place. But do not choose very cheap price because the Co2 Laser machine used may be a fake laser machine that is not up to standard and may damage your skin.

Recommendations before & after Co2 Laser

Preparation before doing Co2 Laser

  • Avoid sun exposure and scrubbing or exfoliating the skin in the area to be treated at least 1-2 weeks before the Co2 Laser to prevent skin irritation.
  • If possible, refrain from wearing makeup and wash your face thoroughly before doing Co2 Laser.
  • In the case of moles, warts, skin polyps that are quite large Should stop using drugs or food supplements that slow blood clotting, such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs in the NSAIDs group, vitamin E, collagen supplements, garlic extracts, ginkgo leaves, Korean ginseng, E oil. Finning primrose, etc., during the 5-7 days before the procedure
  • If you have congenital disease, skin disease, history of drug allergies, anesthetic allergies, information must be informed to the doctor before starting treatment.

Self care after Co2 Laser

  • Avoid getting the wound exposed to water during the first 2 days after treatment. And use a gentle liquid soap to clean the skin.
  • Apply ointments or medicines as prescribed by the doctor regularly, morning and evening.
  • Refrain from removing the scabs from the wound The scab will gradually disappear. It will fall off by itself within 7-14 days. When the scab starts to come off, the skin will be pink or slightly pitted, which will be healed within 1-2 months.
  • Refrain from wearing makeup or applying creams during 5-7 days after the procedure.
  • Avoid being in the sun or being outdoors for a long time during the first 2 weeks after the Co2 Laser treatment and should use sunscreen at SPF30+ PA+++ daily.
  • Avoid fermented foods and alcoholic beverages during 2-4 weeks after the procedure.
  • If there is pain, swelling, inflammation or pus at the wound site to see a doctor immediately without having to wait for the appointment date.

Precautions about Co2 Laser

  • Be careful not to let the laser light enter the eyes. Before starting the treatment, the doctor must close the eyes to protect the laser light every time.
  • Co2 Laser may not be suitable for pregnant women. Including people with fresh wounds, surgical wounds or inflammation and infection on the skin. Those scars must be completely healed before the Co2 Laser can be performed.
  • Choose to do Co2 Laser with a quality clinic that has been certified. The Co2 Laser machine used must be genuine and have FDA Approved. The person doing the laser procedure must be a medical professional only.

For anyone who are interested and wants to treat the problem of moles, flies, freckles, skin polyps, all kinds of marks on the skin to disappear with Co2 Laser, ready to show off beautiful, smooth and clear skin. Don’t worry about scars. You can add Line to talk, inquire or book a treatment appointment at LINNA Clinic.

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